Office Technology

Digital X-Rays

Using a comfortable sensor, x-rays are taken and instantly transmitted to a computer screen in the operatory, which can be visualized by the doctor and the patient.  Digital systems use up to 90% less x-rays than a conventional x-ray film system and there is no wait time for development.  The images are enlarged which means more accurate and early diagnosis of dental problems.

Intraoral Camera

A small wand placed in the mouth takes detailed pictures of teeth instantly transmitting them to our operatory computer screen.  The magnified image shows us fracture lines, decay and detailed deterioration of fillings and teeth.


Rotary Endodontic Therapy (Root Canal)

Using newer rotary technology, most root canals can be done in one visit and quicker than traditional hand filing root canals.  Canals are thoroughly cleaned, shaped and filled.

Comfortable Local Anesthesia Delivery

Using a micro-fine needle or The Wand® computer delivery system, getting injections is virtually painless.


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